Forest therapy is a way to make the most of forest bathing to improve one’s mental and physical health.
The gentle sunlight filtering through the trees, the wind blowing through the trees, the refreshing scent of cedar and cypress.
If you were to take a big deep breath in the forest, wouldn’t you feel calm and relaxed?
Until now, the power of forests has been known as forest bathing, but this has only been a sensory sensation.
Forest therapy is an attempt to scientifically elucidate the power of forests and use that power to make people healthy both mentally and physically.

Forest therapy base in Sasaguri, a forest close to the heart of the city

Forest therapy certified bases are spreading throughout the country in an effort to spread the forest therapy initiative.
In order to be certified, the relaxing effects of the forest must be scientifically proven, and related facilities must be managed under certain conditions.
Sasaguri became certified as a forest therapy base in March 2009. The town’s main feature is that it is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has abundant nature, yet it is only a 30-minute drive from Fukuoka City. Would you like to enjoy a healing experience while listening to the heartbeat of the forest in the pilgrimage town known since ancient times as Sasaguri Shikoku Reijo?

Highlights of forest therapy base Sasaguri

Although Sasaguri is located in the Fukuoka metropolitan area, the town is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and forests cover approximately 70% of its area.
It is home to the Yamato Forest, which is dotted with giant trees such as the “Touda no Futamata” and the “Yamato no Osugi” cedar trees, which were selected among Japan’s 100 giant trees, and the Sasaguri Shikoku Reijo, which makes its presence felt with its mystical features in the midst of this great wilderness, having observed the passage of time in the town of Sasaguri.
There are six walking paths offered: the “Sunset Course,” “Arata Excursion Course,” “Meoto Sugi Course,” “Hydrangea Course,” “Sasaguri Kyudai Forest Course,” and “Jugei no Mori Course,” each offering a taste of Sasaguri’s nature with its own distinctive characteristics.

Rest areas and interactive facilities

In addition to the facilities introduced here, there are many other places where you can take a break.
Please enjoy a healing experience through forest therapy in Sasaguri to improve the health of your “mind and body.”

Kabuto no Mori Park

Children and adults alike can enjoy a variety of facilities, including a multipurpose field with nighttime lighting, a baseball field, tennis courts, a grassy area, and combination playground equipment.

Oasis Sasaguri

This facility is designed to improve the welfare of the elderly, the disabled, and children, as well as to promote their health and provide a place where they can spend time interacting with each other. As a health promotion facility, there are various types of baths, training rooms, massage chairs, and a children’s room available for use.
A wide variety of products are sold at the kiosk, including snacks, souvenirs, and vegetables directly delivered by local farmers.

Jugei no Mori Park

Jugei no Mori Park is a spot that can be used for recreation and other activities, making the most of its rich natural forests. Just across the road is an observation plaza that offers a panoramic view of Narufuchi Dam.