About the hydrangea course

Course overview

This course starts from JR Chikuzen-Yamate Station, climbs up to the Arata Highlands, and from there passes through the Hebitani forest path and continues through the forest to the upper shrine of Taiso Shrine on Mt. Wakasugi. The Hydrangea Road, located halfway along the course, will soothe your soul with its colorful flowers.

Hydrangea Road

During the rainy season, the roadsides along the Arata Highlands become illuminated with colorful hydrangeas. The flowers, which become even more vibrant when wet with rain and dew, can be enjoyed only at this time of the year. In the fall, this area is also recommended for its autumn foliage.

Upper shrine of Taiso Shrine

It is said that Empress Jingu visited this shrine to pray for victory in the war against Korea, and the sacred tree, a large cedar, is a natural monument of the prefecture. Nearby is the “Hasami-iwa” (Scissor Rock), which only virtuous people can pass through, and the Okuno-In Temple, where the famous natural spring water “Dokko-sui” flows.

View spot

Komenoyama Lookout,Yamato no Osugi, Hydrangea Road

Rest areas

Komenoyama Lookout,Yamato no Osugi. Benches available.

Watering places

Sanno River

Forest species

Japanese cedar, Japanese cypress
Forest age: 30-230 years

Understory vegetation

Japanese laurel, East Asian eurya, etc.
Insects and small animals: Hare, deer, wild boar, tanuki (raccoon dogs), bush warblers, pheasants, wood pigeons, warbling white-eye

Course information

Total distance Approx. 10.3km
Altitude Approx. 380m
Elevation difference 310m
Topography Mountainous terrain
Slope Average:6.8%, Min.0%, Max.28.0%
Road surface conditions Dirt, gravel, paved roads
Sign (Signpost) 22 locations
Restroom Chikuzen-Yamate Station, Narufuchi Dam Karyu Kasen Park, Gotono Falls, Narufuchi Dam Lookout Plaza, Community Zone