Forest Therapy Sasaguri offers six courses as “therapy roads.”
Guided courses led by forest guides are also available.
Forest therapy base

Forest therapy certified bases are spreading throughout the country in an effort to spread the forest therapy initiative.
In order to be certified, the relaxing effects of the forest must be scientifically proven, and related facilities must be managed under certain conditions.
Sasaguri became certified as a forest therapy base in March 2009.
The gentle sunlight filtering through the trees, the wind blowing through the trees, the refreshing scent of cedar and cypress. If you were to take a big deep breath in the forest, wouldn’t you feel calm and relaxed?
Until now, the power of forests has been known as forest bathing, but this has only been a sensory sensation.
Forest therapy is an attempt to scientifically elucidate the power of forests and use that power to make people healthy both mentally and physically.

6 Courses