Introduction to Forest Therapy Base Sasaguri Road

Hydrangea Course
(One-way: 7.34 km, 130 min.)

The course begins at Chikuzen-Yamate Station and continues through the Arata Highlands to Taiso Shrine.
We’ll be greeted by colorful hydrangeas during the rainy season.

Arata Excursion Course
(One lap: 10.5 km, 180 min.)

This course begins and ends at the Arata Highlands, and takes you up and down the mountain passes and plateaus…. We will follow in the footsteps of the ascetic practitioners who made Mt. Wakasugi their training grounds.

Sasaguri Kyushu University Forest Course
(One lap: 2 km, 30 min.)

The forest is inhabited by evergreen broad-leaved trees and deciduous broad-leaved trees. This course allows participants to take a leisurely stroll around the Kamata Pond area in the center of the forest.

Meoto Sugi Course
(One-way: 6.36 km, 120 min.)

This course will take you from Chikuzen-Yamate Station to the summit of Mt. Wakasugi via the Tengu-iwa (Tengu Rock), while observing the Meoto Sugi and Hotoke-iwa (Buddha Rock).

Sunset Course
(Round-trip: 1.75 km, 25 min.)

This is a short course with views of giant cedar trees and coniferous trees. The Metasequoia along the way are beautiful throughout the four seasons.

Jugei no Mori Course
(Round-trip: 10.3 km, 180 min.)

This course will take you from the scenic area known as the Sasaguri Yabakei Valley to the Jugei no Mori forest park. Highlights of the course include an expansive dam and cool waterfalls.

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