About Sasaguri Kyudai Forest Course

Course overview

The Sasaguri Kyushu University Forest is located at the western edge of Kyushu University’s Fukuoka Experimental Forest, and is jointly maintained and managed by Kyushu University and the town of Sasaguri.
About 50 species of evergreen broad-leaved trees, including Castanopsis sieboldii, Quercus glauca, Machilus thunbergii, Camphor trees, and Chinese bayberry, and about 40 species of deciduous broad-leaved trees, including Quercus serrata and nejiki hazenoki (twisted wax tree) can be found growing in the 17-hectare forest.
The 2-km promenade around Kamata Pond at the center of the forest has pavilions and benches made from thinned wood from the town’s forests, allowing visitors to enjoy walking while feeling the surrounding nature.

Course Features

This is an easy walking course with a flat path that takes about 30 minutes per tour.
If you walk around the pathway surrounding the pond, you can see bald cypresses standing by the water’s edge.
Mt. Wakasugi and Mt. Komeno can be seen from the pavilions.

Bald cypress

Similar to the Metasequoia, this tree grows naturally in wetlands and other areas with its roots submerged in water. Its breathing roots grow out from the water’s surface to extend around the trunk, and its appearance is somewhat mysterious. It is also known as “numasugi” (swamp cedar) because it is often found in swampy areas.

View spot

Two pavilions

Rest areas

Two pavilions

Watering places

Kamata Pond

Forest species

Evergreen broad-leaved trees, deciduous broad-leaved trees
Forest age: 0-100 years

Understory vegetation

Japanese laurel, East Asian eurya, etc.
Insects and small animals: Hare, deer, wild boar, tanuki (raccoon dogs), bush warblers, pheasants, wood pigeons, warbling white-eye

*Buses are not allowed to drive into the parking lot.

Course information

Total distance Approx. 2km
Altitude Approx. 35m
Elevation difference 16m
Topography Urban area
Slope Average:0.8%, Min.0.0%, Max.16.8%
Road surface conditions Dirt, gravel roads
Sign (Signpost) 23 locations
Restroom Sasaguri Kyushu University Forest South Exit Parking Lot