About the Jugei-no-mori course

Course overview

“Jugei no Mori” is a forest park where visitors can fully enjoy the rich greenery of Sasaguri. It is used as a recreational and bird watching spot. On the way there is the Narufuchi Dam, a huge 67-meter-high, 308-meter-wide dam. Its total water storage capacity is 4.4 million m3. Upstream of the Narufuchi Dam is Gotono Falls, named for the five tiers of waterfalls that flow as if water were dropped from a five-story pagoda.
The clear waterfall basin reflects the changing colors of the four seasons, from cherry blossoms in spring to fresh greenery in summer and autumn leaves in fall.

Course Features

The course starts at JR Chikuzen-Yamate Station and ascends toward the Jugei no Mori forest. The views are excellent, and the changing seasons can be enjoyed. Highlights include the Narufuchi Dam and the Gotono Falls. The course is about 10 km long, so if you are not confident about walking long distances, you can drive to the halfway point.
From there, you can easily enjoy walking the short distance.

Gotono Falls

This waterfall was named after its five tiers of streams.
Visitors can enjoy the beauty of each season, with cherry blossoms in spring, deep green in summer, and autumn leaves in fall.
The reflection of the changing seasons in the waterfall basin is also a highlight of this area.
Nearby is the 70th sacred spot of the Sasaguri Shikoku Pilgrimage.

Lookout (Culture Zone)

The Narufuchi Dam has a total storage capacity of 4.4 million cubic meters, about 2.5 times the volume of Fukuoka Dome.
The lookout offers a powerful panoramic view of the dam.
In addition, a panoramic view of Sasaguri spreads out below, including the scenery around the dam known as the Sasaguri Yabakei Valley.

View spot

Narufuchi Dam Lookout, Gotono Falls, Narufuchi Dam Lookout Plaza, Jugei no Mori Lookout

Rest areas

Narufuchi Dam Karyu Kasen Park, Narufuchi Dam Lookout Plaza. Benches available.

Watering places

Narufuchi Dam, Gotono Falls

Forest species

Evergreen broad-leaved trees, deciduous broad-leaved trees
Forest age: 0-100 years

Understory vegetation

Japanese laurel, East Asian eurya, etc.
Insects and small animals: Hare, deer, wild boar, tanuki (raccoon dogs), bush warblers, pheasants, wood pigeons, warbling white-eye

Course information

Total distance Approx. 10.3km
Altitude Approx. 380m
Elevation difference 310m
Topography Mountainous terrain
Slope Average:6.8%, Min.0%, Max.28.0%
Road surface conditions Dirt, gravel, paved roads
Sign (Signpost) 22 locations
Restroom Chikuzen-Yamate Station, Narufuchi Dam Karyu Kasen Park, Gotono Falls, Narufuchi Dam Lookout Plaza, Community Zone