About the Sunset course

Course overview

This course has minimal elevation differences and can be enjoyed by beginners.
Giant cedar trees, Metasequoia, and other coniferous trees can be observed.
Cedar and cypress chips are laid on the road, and you can feel their soft touch on your feet and be soothed by their scent.

Yamato no Osugi (within the Yamato no Mori trail)

With its five separate trunks, this gigantic cedar tree is an eye-catching sight.
It was discovered in 2000 and named “Yamato no Osugi” (Great Cedar of Yamato) in the hope that it will one day become the largest cedar tree in Japan.
The trunk is 16.15 meters in circumference and 40 meters high, and it is still growing. If you stand on the viewing terrace and face this giant tree, you will experience a strong sense of the greatness of nature.

View spot

Wakasugi River

Rest area

Benches available

Forest species

Japanese cedar, Japanese cypress
Forest age: 60-230 years

Understory vegetation

Japanese laurel, East Asian eurya, etc.
Insects and small animals: Hare, deer, wild boar, tanuki (raccoon dogs), bush warblers, pheasants, wood pigeons, warbling white-eye

Course information

Total distance Approx. 1.75km (round-trip)
Altitude Approx. 598m
Elevation difference 63m
Topography Mountainous terrain
Slope Average:7.4% Min.3.0% Max.15.6%
Road surface conditions Woodchip (some dirt/gravel roads)
Restroom Upper level of the parking lot at Wakasugi Worship Hall